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Organize and implement together a meaningful set of interventions based on the assessment

Evidence Based Biological
Integrated Treatments


Meditation, Nutrition, Aerobic exercise, fitness, Sleep hygiene measures, Treat addictions, Psychotropic medications if necessary,

Evidence Based Integrated Psychological Treatment


Psychoeducation Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy ,Family Therapy, Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Parenting

Socially and Culturally Integrated Interventions


Culturally sensitive, Multilingvism
Interactions with other providers
Of care from the country of origin
Understanding cultural stereotypes
Facilitate dialogue and cultural integration
Understand legalities of temporary and long term disabilities
Dialogues with Medical services of employers
Environmental interventions in schools
Facilitate referrals with other specialists
Facilitate work with a network of
Providers and specialists
Crisis Intervention

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