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About Dr. Anca Paunica


I am an integrative psychiatrist recently certified by the Integrative Psychiatry Institute Before this certification, I trained in France and US and was Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry (2004) and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2009) by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. I have the Belgian recognition for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Arête Ministeriel).

My clients are children, adolescents, and adults mostly from the expatriate English, French, and Romanian speaking community in the Brussels area. I offer evaluations and individualized treatments based on the principles of Integrative Psychiatry. I use evidence based Complementary and Functional Medicine methods and, at times, conventional interventions (medications).

Addressing the root causes of mental suffering is my goal. In this framework, symptoms are signals of dysfunctional systems. The degree of wellness emerges from a dynamic balance between three core domains of health: Mind, Body and Lifestyle. Psychotherapy is intimately embedded in the process and the aim is achieving optimal mental health and fulfilling potential.

On a personal level, I lived and experienced life in several cultures and systems of care. My journey in psychiatry started in communist Romania in early 80s, when a close family member was hospitalization several times. I witnessed first-hand the limited efficacy of conventional methods (essentially psychiatric medications) and their side effects.

Life took me to a journey West (first France, then United States) following family I remained deeply commitment to the healing path of medicine. I returned to Europe in 2010 and settled in Belgium where I felt in harmony with the diverse international environment. It was a time of integration of my different professional personas, mirroring the integration that I wanted to see around me and in the world. I learned that cultural humility is the secret to the harmony I wanted to infuse in the universe.



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